Five Helpful Tips for Content Curation

  Five helpful tips for content curation. The ultimate guide to help you with your search. What is Content Curation? Content curation is the act of collecting, storing and organizing digital information pertaining to a specific topic. Many companies are now using this as a marketing tool to obtain a successful on-line presence. Content curation does not necessarily create content, but rather locates content relative to the subject matter and funnels it to the readers. This can be done through RSS feed, links posted on blog entries and social media feeds. Helpful Tips for Excelling at content Curation 1. Join the Content Community. Instead of being just the one repackaging information, be part of the content ecosystem by being a creator and a curator.One way to accomplish this is by making your own content, inviting guests to share some of their content and putting together articles and links from the web.This gives you the three C's of content curation which are created, contribute

Cell Phone Towers and Mobile Phone Masts - Beacons of Harm

 Is it a cactus? A palm tree? A water tower? No! It's a cell phone tower! That's right! Cell phone towers today are being disguised in subtle ways unheard of just a few years ago. See a grain silo? Or a church steeple? You guessed it. It could very well be a cell phone tower. There's even a cell phone tower that looks just like a lighthouse...never mind that it's over two miles from the ocean. But don't let the pretty and ingenious disguises fool you. There is a real and present danger lurking behind the mask of these innocent designs. Why the disguises? Obviously, for aesthetic reasons. The cell phone companies don't want to make their neighborhood friends upset. They want to blend in. So they blend in while they blast your home and neighborhood with toxic electromagnetic radiation. Cell phone towers, sometimes called masts, or mobile phone towers, weren't an issue years ago when they were few and far between. One could often drive miles and miles through t

Low Tech in a High Tech World

  It seems that the more gadgets we have that were all touted as being able to de-stress us by keeping us up to date, the more stressed out we have become. People walk out of their houses on their phones, they drive while checking their emails, and walk down the street while texting someone. You know, there is something to be said for not knowing everything right now. Wouldn't it be nice to walk down the street to your local store and actually watch where you're going? Take time to see the trees, the insects, and the birds as you go by? Being able to drive in your car and enjoy the view, what a simple pleasure we take for granted. Sometimes we're trying to talk to one person while texting someone else. Gone are the times when you had someone's undivided attention, and enter the times when our lives have become one multitasking session after another. Being detached from the grid from time to time can be very de-stressing, unless you start stressing about not knowing  htt